At Digital Stream Energy (DSE) we target stranded energy sources to develop a green cryptocurrency mining operation that alleviates grid strain and reduces environmental impact.

By pairing our Portable Data Centers (PDCs) with a source of power, we add efficiency and value to a variety of stranded assets: flared gas in the oil field, overbuilt renewable energy, excess industrial power or any other underutilized power source.

We call this


Flared Associated Gases in the oilfield are a significant contributor to both stranded energy and air emissions worldwide. Their routine use represents a loss of thousands of MW of power.

Digital Stream Energy’s PDC is an energy producer’s answer for putting flare gas to beneficial use.

Actual Problem in Oil Industry

Flared Associated Gas:

Increased Airborne Emissions

Unused Energy

Light and Noise Pollution

Digital Stream Energy’s PDC is an energy producer’s answer for putting flare gas to beneficial use.

01 Production

Hydrocarbon extraction continues as normal. Stranded Gas
stream diverted from flare to generators.

02 Power

Generators are sized to accommodate gas levels at particular sites.
Roughly 1 MW is utilized for every 300 mcfd available.

03 Data Center

Trailer-Mounted Containers with appropriate server quantities to
match the power produced by generators.

Field Study

DSE has been deployed and operating in the rugged North Dakota environment since February 2020.

Uptime +95%

Beneficial Use of Flare Gas

Air Emission Reduction in VOCs, NOx and CO2e

Working with an internationally recognized producer

Additional Use Cases

Renewable Sources

Investment Tax Credits sparked a tremendous growth in the placement of renewable assets over the past few years without a corresponding growth in transmission line to transport that power to demand centers. We believe PDCs provide a Stranded Synthetic ShortTM to optimize those renewable assets.

Industrial Power

Industries strand large amounts of power due to upgrades in infrastructure, efficiency improvements, and facility shutdown. Digital Stream Energy can quickly mobilize our Portable Data Centers to consume power in large power blocks with a small physical footprint while improving revenues. Examples include aging power plants in their final years of operation, abandoned high power users like smelters, mines, factories etc. Digital Stream Energy units are a profitable solution for months to years of operation.

Digital Stream Energy is proud to announce that we were included in the Hess 2020 Sustainability Report.  
Hess has been providing a Sustainability Report to their shareholders for nearly 20 years, documenting their continued commitment to social responsibility, health and safety, their employees, and the environment. 
We are very pleased to be recognized in the report highlighting how our equipment safely and effectively reduces air emissions, while delivering beneficial use for flare gas by generating power for remote data processing.

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The emerging world of computer processing requires a diverse team. We hail from backgrounds of early crypto adaptors, oil and gas, successful energy traders, commercial real estate development, serial entrepreneurs, IT and supply chain professionals with experience in large multi-national firms and entrepreneurial start-ups.


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